Chilling/Gutting Conveyors

No fish gets left behind.

Increase quality with Chilling/Gutting Conveyors from Micro. 
The Chilling/Gutting Conveyor ensures the perfect chilling and the gutting of the fish keeps it fresh. Good experience with seafood companies are our best recommendations.
Main benefits that our customers mention, using our Conveyors, are:

- Every fish goes under sea/ice - no floating
- Minimum/no looseness(cracks) in fillets 
- The fish is white
- The fish is straight (no bending)
- Use of space is efficient
- The conveyor is easy to clean 


“I was looking for a gutting tub solution when I came across the Chilling/Gutting Conveyor from Micro.
I had a look at other systems and my conclucion was that the Chilling/Gutting Conveyor was the way to go. Because I had limited space I noticed it had better throughput then other solutions that took more space and also that all the fish is under water all the time and can not float on top.
I purchased one Chilling/Gutting Conveyor solution from Micro for testing in one of my ships and it met all my expectations furthermore I begun preparing my other 3 ships for the same solution.
All their work is well done and all their deliveries are right on time.,,
 Hrannar Jon Emilsson, General Manager, Þorbjörn hf.

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