Cooling tank - Dragon


  • Every fish is submerged in cooling medium
  • No floating of fish
  • Customizable cooling time  
  • No bending of fish during processing
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Optimal floor space usage

Over 500 sold units

The Dragons has been sold all over the world in all kinds of sizes and configurations. The robustness of the design makes the machine run smoothly and lowers the need of frequent spare part changes. The vertical configuration of the dragon is the newest version and was developed in order to save even more floorspace onboard vessels. The Dragon can have the infeed on the production floor and the body can go through the floor down to the hold.

Research has been done on the effect of bleeding in these two different configurations with the conclusion that the difference in bleeding were unsignificant.

Technical information


Depends on raw material - contact us for details


Driven by motors


Sea or slush ice

Size - Length

~ 3000 - 15.000 mm

Size - Width

~ 800 - 2000 mm


Vertical & Horizontal


Onboard, on land


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